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Why Video Gets Your Listing Sold Faster For Top Dollar

90% of Real Estate Agents Don't Use Video to Market Their Listings

We've all seen the horror stories where agents take photos and video into their own hands and the result is a shaky video, or their reflection in the photos of the master bathroom.

The real estate industry is filled with people unwilling to adapt to the modern era of buying and selling homes. The reality is, agents utilizing video when listing homes are the ones who will win in 2018 and beyond. That also means that those unwilling to implement the latest marketing tools will fail to stay relevant, and be overlooked by the modern day consumer.

Since the age of Zillow and social media, buyers have taken the home search process into their own hands. They have access to everything they need, and listings with sub-par photos and a lack of video simply don't cut it anymore.

Why Use Video To Promote Your Listings?

  • Videos are 12 times more likely to be watched than text is to be read. The movement grabs your attention and keeps you engaged

  • Sellers are looking for Top Agents that maximize value through effective marketing strategies

  • More than 90% of prospective buyers begin their home search online

  • Video currently drives 73% of online traffic and is expected to reach over to 80% by 2019

  • 500 million people are watching videos on Facebook every day

  • Is your listing one of those?

Simplify the Video Process

Don't buy expensive equipment and try doing it yourself. Instead work with an experienced company that provides high quality videos to get your listings sold Faster and for Top Dollar.

Check out our pricing packages to see what the best fit is for you.

If you're ready to take your listings to the next level, or have any questions, email me today!

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