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Your Listing Deserves Great Photos!

Look, I know that I spend so much time talking about video. I am a man on a mission about Top Agents using video to market their listings to help their sellers get top dollar!

But I don't want to neglect the importance of high quality, and strategic photos for your listings. We ALL know that photos are important... yet I see so many agents using discount photographers to check the box of getting photos done... This is a HUGE mistake!

The consumer is online, and the consumer is looking at photos before they ever step foot into a home. This is not new information, so why wouldn't you put your best foot forward, and get the best photos possible?

I am so commited to helping agents experience the difference that I am even offering 25% off your first photo order. This is something I have only ever done with videos.

When you're ready to see what your photos can look like email me at

And if you want a good laugh, check out to see people who DIDN'T hire a professional!

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